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Business fuels our economy.  Industries and markets have influenced so many technological innovations that have changed modern lifestyles.  Taking classes in this department can help build a sense of accountability, leadership, and teamwork.  You will learn about the process of buying, selling, producing, and promoting goods and services. You will also learn to manage others and finances.

s.t.e.m., computer science, and information tech

Computers and technology are a constant part of our lives: phones, cars, medical devices, kitchen appliances, movies, social media, criminal justice, government, business, and more!  Because technology solves problems to help people, there is a noteworthy human side to this cluster as well – which requires and develops skills that are essential for any career.

audiovisual technology & communications

Creative students who see themselves designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing or publishing multimedia content will want to pursue courses in this cluster.  You will apply artistic talent to practical problems and learn visual arts principles that prepare you with skills and techniques to work in any number of creative design and entertainment fields.



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